Monday, January 26, 2009

POOJA [oil on canvas 24''-18''

after long gap i tried this oil potrait, i am not that much satisfied with this work. still i posting to get comments on this.what i was especting i didn't get that effect. may be because of multi session , i mean i took 5 days to finish so........any how i need your comments and feedback.

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kRusHna ChaNDrA........... kC said...

Dear brother , all works are good and the big thing is u feel in this work is u r not satisfied, i thing u doing job any where so no problem do ur job and do also painting in ur life bcz i thing " brush,colour& canvas" these 3 things r the GOD in our Artist life like "BRHMA VISNU & MAHESWER"...................any way GOOD works